Weird Dreams In Times Of Stress

Some of those difficult experiences aren’t ones we experience consciously during the day, Our bodies pick them up and they manifest in our dreams. And our subconscious has a way of portraying things in very odd manners. There are several reasons. The first may be that lots of people aren’t sleeping as well. Shallow sleep leads to remembering your dreams better.

One of the ways that we deal with trauma is that we dissociate, and dissociation takes a lot of energy. So you may feel tired; that kind of fatigue is important to acknowledge to yourself.

There is also a lot of anxiety going on. There’s a lot of anger going on. There are a lot of feelings and frustrations that are powerful and close to the surface. The feelings we have right now are primal feelings, feelings that if you examined them neuroscientifically would be very much related to the limbic system. They are deep, hot feelings. And that can contribute to stronger dreams.

Talk about them. Don’t keep them to yourselves. It is important to find friends you just talk about your dreams with. Because talking about a dream gives it a container that is better than just keeping it quiet.

The common themes that are usually experienced by people are being in a place that you don’t recognise. Feeling lost in a place that you don’t recognize. People trying to find other people who are not able to find them. People feeling very disoriented. There were several dreams of people finding magic wands or things like that. Things that are magical that can get them through.There are many dreams from parents along the lines of: Where are my children? I need to be with my children.

Common Types of Stress Dream

Chase Dreams

Chase dreams indicate avoidance.

Dream interpreters suggest that having this kind of dream means that you have a habit of running away and avoiding issues instead of confronting them head on. Whether this is accurate or not, it’s a good place to start.

If there’s one message you should come away with from a chase dream, it’s: don’t bury your head in the sand.

Teeth Dreams

In your teeth dreams, you might experience your teeth crumbling, becoming crooked, rotting or falling out. These dreams can leave you with a lasting impression and tend to linger in your mind throughout the day.

There are many theories about what teeth dreams might mean. One interpretation is that teeth dreams relate to worries about appearance; our teeth are central to how attractive we appear to others. So teeth dreams could stem from a fear of rejection, feeling unattractive or worries about ageing.

Other theories suggest that the teeth dream relates to communication issues, being worried about embarrassing yourself or feeling powerless.

Snake Dreams

Dream interpreters believe that the figure of the snake represents fear, hidden threats, and denial.

If the snake in your dream attacks suddenly and seemingly from out of nowhere, it could be that it represents a threat that you feel coming. This could indicate that you are worried about rivals or enemies.

Falling Dreams

A dream where you’re falling indicates a loss of control.

If your work or home life feels messy, at night this could translate into a falling sensation in your dreams. If you’re experiencing falling dreams, you need to take back as much control as you can.

Writing a plan or a to-do list can be an easy way to create some order, get organised in your mind, and help you figure out how you can rectify the situation.

Falling could also suggest that you are making reckless decisions and poor choices.

Late Dreams

Running late for a bus, a meeting, or maybe an important exam indicates that you are finding things in your life overwhelming.

This is one of the most common stress dreams, and there are a few ways to interpret it. If you’re having this dream frequently, it could be that your working life feels too hectic, and you’re struggling to handle multiple meetings and expectations, causing you to have stress dreams that directly relate to the ways that you organise your time in your waking moments.

Being late or feeling rushed in your dream could mean that you are placing too much pressure on yourself or taking on too many commitments.

Are you placing too much pressure on yourself? Is the pressure coming from your parents or from work? Remember that it’s ok to have high expectations, but you need to ensure these aren’t placing too much pressure on you. The effects of high-stress levels over a prolonged period of time can be detrimental to mental and physical health, so it is vital that if this dream happens frequently, you incorporate measures into your life to manage or reduce the demands in your life.

Our brains and bodies psychologically react to what we experience in our awake lives. While we think of sleep as a time for recharging our body, our brain is actually very active during sleep. Things that are on our mind during our awake hours transcend and stay on our mind in our asleep hours. As a result, if you feel stressed about something, even if you don’t realise you feel that way, this will affect your dreams. When stress levels become so high that your dreams are invaded, you are in a chronic cycle of stress. Sleep is supposed to be a time of mental and physical restoration. Yet, stress dreams make our stress levels higher by preventing us from recharging and keep our minds focused on worry.

Don’t be unrealistic about what you can do and do set aside specific blocks of time for integrating new patterns of behaviour into your life. A good way to create time when you feel you have none is to evaluate what you do on a daily or weekly basis. Cutting out unhealthy blocks of time such as long periods of your evening watching television can be a way to make time for good practices that can help you de-stress or prepare for the next day.

If you’re unrealistic in your approach, the habits will not form because they will be difficult to integrate. So start small and think long-term.

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