Sometimes in life (like I know may of you have been) you face a future that is unknown, like the decision or choice has been taken out of your control. There is nothing comfortable about it and you struggle to see any thing positive in this situation.

You reach ‘the unknown’. So … what does that mean? What does the ‘unknown’ mean? My interpretation would that it means to to know what the future may bring, that you are stepping in to unknown territory and that the future may seem unclear at the present moment. This in fact causes you to feel not in control and brings about anxiety. So, how do you regain composure and control over a situation that you actually don’t?

I in fact am sitting in this position, this situation, this emotion and what can I learn from it? I feel that instead of trying to control the situation that I am in, I other surrender to it. In that I mean, I am allowing that whatever comes from this situation, this emotion, this experience that whatever feelings I may have I have to let this go and know that whatever happens it will be ok. Know that there is another way out of it. It may not be apparent now, but a way out will present itself.

Changing your perspective on fear, uncertainty, and stress can help you change your response and ultimately propel you through times of potential failure. A fixed mindset is believing your attributes and abilities are fixed (and unable to be changed), whereas a growth mindset is believing that your attributes and abilities are flexible and can be easily changed.

It can seem incredibly unfair that I or you may be or have been in this situation but you know what, many people are met with these situations all the time and they think that same way. this in fact is ‘victim’ mentality. We have to be stronger than than this. We have to at times, think outsold elf the box, for ‘knowing’ and ‘believing’ there is an alternative to the situation that we are facing right now. And of course, it is very uncomfortable and sitting in this emotion is horrid, but know that it won’t be forever. Know that you will be given a way out.

Whatever success I’ve had in my life has had more to do with my knowing how to deal with my not knowing than anything I know.

It causes you to leave your comfort zone and think differently. This is the key, to allow the cognitive process to flow a little differently. OK, let me explain, you have always heard the saying “to leave your comfort zone, new things will happen” or something along those lines. But, this is exactly it, in order to allow another situation in you have to do things differently to allow a different outcome. You don’t want to become lazy in your life and you’re thinking. Our lives are going to be spent thinking differently, there isn't a moment in life where you think you have got somewhere or reached a certain destination in life and then you have to stop thinking or stop trying. People who sit in their ‘comfort zone’ usually do not amount to anything significant, do not live a fulfilled life they are constantly in a sate for fear and anxiety because their position isn’t safe. Our ego causes us to remain ‘safe’ in our circumstances.

A basis of remaining a victim or becoming a survivor is just that, who can think differently and better there situation even if it mean causing you uncomfortableness will in fact deliver different results (usually for the better). I always say to clients “there are two types of people in this world, the swimmers and the sinkers” which one are you?

Failure happens. It happens to CEOs and billionaires and best-selling authors and Fortune 500 companies, but failure doesn’t predict success. A project may fail, but a business may thrive. A business may fail, but a business owner may thrive. Rather than fearing the “what ifs,” consider the possibilities of what might happen, no matter if it’s good or bad.

Ask yourself the deeper questions:

  1. What if I bring my idea to fruition?

  2. What makes this idea unique, long-lasting, impactful?

  3. Why not follow through with this idea or project or business?

  4. How will I handle the stress of the unknown?

  5. What if this idea or project or business succeeds?

  6. What if this idea or project or business fails?

  7. What other options do you have, should this idea plan not work?

  8. How will you succeed in spite of failure?

Reverse the negative thoughts. Reverse your fears. Turn your fears, instead, into possibilities. Being in a state of uncertainty is advantageous, if you choose to face the unknown head-on, but understand that failure may happen and that’s okay. The key to embarking on the journey is to adjust your mindset, learn effective stress-reducing strategies, and ask more productive questions, as you prepare to bring your vision, your idea, or your business to fruition.

Life is not easy and they that we sometimes plan things, more times than not turn out to be completely different, BUT and there is a big but, there is more than one way to reach the desired destination. So, if you are going to take one thing from this blog, take this: sometimes our mind or our eyes allow us to see the final destination, it is our responsibility to figure out the way to get there.


What have you encountered in your experience and how did you overcome a moment/situation of uncertainty? What does it feel like to give up and not try? What advise would you give to your younger self? What would you teach you children being in this situation? What does it feel like to be a survivor?

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