Me in 2020: What I've Learnt So Far

With the fourth birthday of my blog approaching fast it was time for me to get my thoughts down and begin moving things in a new direction.

In the past year and Ive not made it a secret, I have talked about this subject on my stories on Instagram . This past year has seemed like a blur, I felt that it hasn’t been the most productive, I feel like I had been moving backwards rather than forwards. It’s no wonder that I have been a little quieter on my YouTube and Instagram compared to last year. Back then I was blogging weekly with a weekly newsletter, two videos a week, I would stay up to ensure that I’d get it done. But this year as been different experience for me.

The engagement was there and there was a momentum gathering speed, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work that I needed to do to create content. I was doing this single handed with no help and whilst at the beginning it seemed like a lot of fun and dedication, but I realised that I couldn’t sustain it. It wasn’t that I fell out of love with what I do because that is quite the opposite, but what I realised is that I needed help, external help, a team. For me, this has been a difficult thing to be able to hand over ‘my’ work, ‘my’ community over to somebody else who perhaps doesn’t share the same passion or understanding that I do. This for me is a dedication, a mission for the work that I want to to do, so handing this over seemed a big lie to do so. But to the contrary I was drowning in trying to sustain this momentum.

Of course then the move to the new house also set me back three months. Things didn’t go to plan and this raised my anxiety. This happened over summer 2019, this was so dreaded for me. So many expectations that I had put on myself. This was also the year that I turned 40! My creative flow had come to a stop to only be replaced by fear and dread. I had posted quite a bit about living in uncertain periods in life. Even though this was terribly uncomfortable for me I realised that I had to surrender to the process (which let me say is easier said than done, but to be authentic and true to my words I have to practise what I preach). I realise that my approach to needed to change. Sooooo…. who is Anoushka Marcin in 2020? Well let’s see…


I realise that I need to acquire some help, I can’t do this alone… there is simply too many of you writing, messaging or commenting on my content and I feel bad that I am unable to reply to each and everyone of you. I need to write more and create content. If I am going to make this work and ensure longevity then I need to have a team behind me.

I want to start creating content that reaches to the heart and gets to the point. I am known on YouTube for controversial subjects. I talk about things that others don’t want to talk about. This is the rawness of my channel and vlog. This is what I have become known for and I need to get back to that. There is so much more that needs to be said. Things need to become a little more instant around here… more authenticity…. more realistic.

I will be integrating little more instagram ‘flare’ into the blog, what I mean is that I want to strip it back to the beginning. I want to talk about the things that come to mind when I become inspired and then I sit in front of the camera and say what I have discovered or felt. I want to launch my membership site that will deliver the psychological information to help the community heal. Healing isn’t linear its journey and so it means that things need to be refreshed. Things need to be repeated so that we learn to move forward. This is where the instant comes in, kind of like my Instagram/Facebook stories come in they are instant and to the point.

I would like to also start doing interviews, speaking to clinical professionals (I have picked up contacts and inspirational people along the way and I would like you all to meet them as they have important messages that you all need to hear to help on your healing journey). I also want to start podcasting again, this is something that I started doing in the early days, something that I had pursued. I would like to record a series on self healing and how to integrate healing into our daily practises. Many of you would write to me to say that you have listened to all my videos like podcasts and this gave me the idea that a podcast series would really help and get information across too. Look out for things to come on this front.

I used to include vlogs onto my YouTube channel to mix up the content but as of the last year that has fallen to the wayside. I recently asked your opinion on my stories and I was flawed by the response : that 98% of you wanted me to continue with my vlogs. So I took a conscious note and have content planned for the next two vlogs. I hope that the content is of use and is something that can help you in your healing journey, I will be travelling the UK to find the best in alternative therapies, things that I have found to be helpful and tips and tricks that professionals use in the industry.


Oh what a journey it has been…. especially the last 12 months! I think that what I want to bring more to the blog, channel and website is talk more about self-empowerment. You know I have always talked about this; we have the power inside to make this change.

No matter how many self-help books you read, no matter how any podcasts you listen to0, no matter how many therapy sessions you attend at the end of the day it all boils down to your willingness to want this change. The hard work and power is within you. But in order to ignite this you have to have the courage to let go and embrace the unknown.

So from now and going forward I will show you that to practise and show you all to live in the moment and to care less. I would like to show you all that living in this way we be our authentic selves, we have such special gift that only you have and there is only one you. I want to help you see your true potential and help you live your purpose. Nothing is more fulfilling than that. Let’s embrace the ‘now’ and bring on the future with new found energy and motivation.

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