Harnessing The Power Of Will

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I have been called to write this blog because this is something that collectively many of my clients have been experiencing this week. I guess every week I check in with my practise and try to find communality and see if there are patterns or trends emerging with what everyone is going through. I also take into consideration the elements of nature (such as the moon phases) and see whether there is a link between the two. These are for my own observations only (not current research).

Deciding or coming to therapy are two different things, for most having gone through a narcissistic and or toxic relationship or having a narcissistic / toxic upbringing puts us in a vulnerable position of ever trusting ourselves and another human being, because of our exposure to such negativity.

"But none of this is will make any difference unless you want the change or have the motivation to want to change - this is the power of will."

So, the fact that so many of you take the plunge and do go to therapy is a huge step in the right direction and one that must be credited. Once there you are given the space to talk about your experiences and possibly may even be given homework to do in-between sessions. You are also equipped with techniques to try to help in challenging situations or thought processes. But none of this is will make any difference unless you want the change or have the motivation to want to change - this is the power of will.

The power of will is having a certain faith in oneself, having a belief in your own abilities, in your own process, its about developing a trust in yourself too. BUT, and there is always a but, how do you do that when this has been shattered through such negative experiences?

This is when you ask yourself; who was I before I met them? Who was I at the times when I was the most happiest? What moments define me as a person? What are my achievements?

When thinking through these questions, you then start to gather a portfolio of one’s achievements, merits, familiarity and understanding of who you are, what you like. Essentially you are bringing your attention back to yourself, you are getting to know you again and this is a very important part in this process.

When you gather this insight and apply it to your progression, to your healing, to your transformation, a motivation inside of you arises, your primal or base energy is reactivated. This is the power of your will. A motivation to action. To harness its power you would need to have a certain mastery over yourself (understanding of yourself), over others and your environment. None of this can come about unless you ‘know’ yourself and having all the information you can then produce the required outcome.

"When you gather this insight and apply it to your progression,

to your healing, to your transformation,

a motivation inside of you arises,

your primal or base energy is reactivated."

The “will to power” is a central concept in the philosophy of 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. It is best understood as an irrational force, found in all individuals, that can be channeled toward different ends. Nietzsche explored the idea of the will to power throughout his career, categorising it at various points as a psychological, biological, or metaphysical principle. For this reason, the will to power is also one of Nietzsche's most misunderstood ideas.

In the 1880s Nietzsche read and seems to have been influenced by several German theorists who criticised Darwin’s account of how evolution occurs. In several places he contrasts the will to power with the “will to survive,” which he seems to think is the basis of Darwinism. In fact, though, Darwin does not posit a will to survive. Rather, he explains how species evolve due to natural selection in the struggle to survive.

You may come to the conclusion that what I am writing about here is about ego processes and wanting to get a control over others, or a manipulation of a certain outcome. Not at all, this a subtle energy that exists inside all of us and harnessed the correct way it can give the results you want. For example, athletes before running fro a race will visualise their desired outcome, ultimately winning the race. They meditate on this outcome. The motivation to win or the power to harness that energy comes from deep inside them - the will. The motivation is the power of the will. We are all born with it and we all have it, however on a small percentage of people actually know about it and know how to harness it.

Its a concept that has been written about in literature and philosophy for centuries. It is recognisable power that exists in every human being but it is rather hidden unless you know how to channel it, at times in your life you would have harnessed it unknowingly and therefore you would know what it feels like. To have a recognition of what that feels like is the first step in being able to harness it when you want it.

For my purposes, little more need be said about the nature of the will and self. The self is power, a facet of which is will. The will is practical reason bringing the person to action, whether you use that action to for a positive or negative purpose that is your choice. You see, anything is achievable if you really want it to be. Healing, manifestation, , new you. All is within your reach and capabilities.

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