Using metaphysical tools on your healing journey

If you are someone that has been drawn to the holistic side of healing, then this post is for you. I have reviewed two sets of beautiful and amazing sets of deck that I personally use and have found to be very helpful on my healing journey.

I have made it no secret that I use spiritual tools to help myself and clients in healing journey or understanding themselves or their situations better. I believe in the power of intuition, even more so after various life experiences and outcomes that have caused me to deepen that belief. I want everybody to know that we all have intuition, in order to harness its power we have to listen to it and allow its energy in. This is a choice, like everything in life its our choice whether we choose to listen to it or not. Through my work I want to bridge the gap between spirituality and psychology. I use both methods in my work with clients and it hasn’t failed me yet. There is a delicate balance of understanding, feeling and acknowledging it. But its a choice.

With my work with clients I teach them to listen and acknowledge their intuition, to use their body as a gage to what is being shown to them. Its the age old conundrum of understanding that the body, mind and soul are very much connected. Modern medicine and various other schools of thought think otherwise and have provided us not much then opinion when it comes to getting tangible results in medical practice. Instead, we have a tablet for everything, that fixes everything…. right?

But what if you were to listen to your body and it will tell you what is right for you in that moment.

Sometimes in life there comes a point where you would just like to know which way to turn, whether a particular business deal or relationship obstacle is going to go well if you take the left path or the right path. Sometimes you would just like to know. You wouldn’t necessarily go and see a therapist or psychologist to find these things out. Thats why certain divination tools can help in these types of situations.

Using cards is not a new concept, in the past tarot cards have been and are still used as divination tools in answering life’s most challenging questions. Now there is a whole host of various cards that can be used to help aid intuition or emotional understanding and / or answering a query. This is why I have selected a few of these ‘packs’ of cards that can help aid you in your emotional healing to getting an answer to aiding your intuition.

The Universe Has Your Back ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

These are beautifully illustrated cards that feature little positive reminders. These words on the cards have been carefully thought out with an illustration to match. The narrative has been talk from Bernstein’s wonderful book (that I have recommended to many of my clients: The Universe has Your Back). Using the cards to accompany the book is a great partnership to really deepen the your understanding of intuition and law of attraction. These are great reminders to strengthen your belief in yourself and help you to attract the kind of life that you want.

These kind of tools are great for someone who is starting our understanding the energetic interplay of the universe. This kind of coaching is particularly useful when wanting to deepen their spirituality. To help understand how the universe and sung the law of attraction is useful in providing purpose in your life. This can also serve as a wonderful therapeutic tool, to get in touch with oneself and build deeper understanding of the self, which is vital in building boundaries.

The Moon Deck~ The Moon Journal

These cards are beautifully illustrated cards that help to harness the power of the moon and its teachings. The cards are illustrated with the phases of the moon to use as tool alongside your practise. these cards also feel like velvet to touch.

8 beautiful and enchanting art cards, infused with Moon Magic and Flower wisdom that you can use daily to:

  • enhance your magical practice

  • inspire and motivate you to take inspired action on dreams

  • bring back your focus and aw

Discover the magic of the moon and how to harness the energy to maximise the abundance, wellness, success and prosperity in your life.

These have to be one of the most efficient of tools to harness magic into your life, working alongside the moon’s natural energy to provide these insights into your conscious life. I worked with these cards personally and they are wonderful accompaniment to meditation practise also. It also helps to track the moon cycles and use its energetic wisdom. The illustrations on the cards are very fluid and they direct your eye around the card. These can be wonderful partner to moon journaling and feelings, thoughts and emotions that come up for you.

I have enjoyed working with these cards to provide insight and understanding about certain energetic pulls in my life. I have never worked with moon cards previously but these have been a beautiful and insightful tool. I have enjoyed learning and working with these cards. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to start work with natures energies and understanding the phases of the moon and the wisdom they can provide and what effects they have on our bodies. Indeed the moons position to the earth affects our mood, motivation and sleep in some cases especially if you are an empath or someone that is affected by the weather. You can purchase the cards here, also check out their instagram its a beautiful and visual inspiration.

I hope that you start to explore the power of what oracle cards and divination tools can bring to your life. These are wonderful tools that help to enhance your mindful practise and the relationship with self. Remember to look for the synchronicities around you and to make meaning, to listen toy our body and depend your relationship with yourself. This is a very important concept in your healing journey.

Let me know your thoughts and what tools and decks you use.


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