How To Get Revenge On A Narcissist

Seeking revenge on anybody is never a good idea. However, when we put that into perspective, seeking to gain you personal power back on someone who has taken it from you, when they did not have any right to do so in the first place, you can be forgiven thinking this.

Dealing with a narcissist is very challanging a they drain you of your energy and make you feel miserable and manage to focus all the attention on themselves. When people are angry and hurting and they realise that they’ve been duped, lied to and manipulated, it’s normal to want the person responsible to feel what you’re feeling.

One of the most difficult things to cope with is watching the one that hurt you, trot off unscathed, while you are left writhing in agony. While it may look rosy from where that are standing, please keep in mind that while you have the ability to grow and become a better person, your Narcissist does not. If we unpack what the label means - narcissist - someone who has a personality disorder, someone who is mental unwell, someone who does not process information the way you do, someone who has experienced high levels of trauma and abuse in their lives, someone who has anxiety, someone who has depression and maybe even a mood disorder. When we put this into context we begin to understand the type of person that we are dealing with here. This person - the narcissist - even though they have caused destruction and pain has huge complexes and defence mechanisms in place so that they do not get affected by morality.

Morality speaks of a system of behaviour in regards to standards of right or wrong behavior. The word carries the concepts of: (1) moral standards, with regard to behavior; (2) moral responsibility, referring to our conscience; and (3) a moral identity, or one who is capable of right or wrong action. But what happens when 'someone' does not have the cognitive abilities to make these decisions and have these insights about themselves? So, I ask you : is seeking revenge on someone who does not 'really' have the understanding to what they are doing deserve it?

Narcissists exist in a constant tretrous and tremulous storm that is happening inside their heads. A torrent of negative emotions, lost in an adult world that they cannot make sense of, lost in no emotional value. Experiencing sleepless nights, night terrors, anxiety, health ailments, mood disorders and depression. All of which they most probably experience on a daily basis and please don't be fooled by their tough exterior - its all as a illusion, a magic trick (false facade) shown to the outside world to hide the vulnerable inside. So, when you think about it, would you really want to seek revenge on someone like that?


The best revenge is you LIVING, you THRIVING. I know in time this will be become clearer and this option will feel more positive for you rather than wasting your time and precious energy seeking revenge on someone that frankly isn't worth it.

Living your best life, being happy, content, for filled is the best revenge on anybody. Think about it wouldn't it be such a slap in the face when your narcissist sees you thriving and living a wonderful life, knowing that they will NEVER be able to achieve that. Think about the person you were before you met the narcissist, that is YOU , that is what they got attracted too in the first place. So, get back to being you and being the best version of you. What you give out will come back to you, thats the thing, the law of attraction and I know sometimes it does aways work in out favour but its the law and thats how it works.

Seek to invest your energy on positive living, raising your vibrational energy. Walks in nature, eating nutricious food, allowing yourself to experience, living. This life is about you and nobody else so please don't waste your energy seeking negativity. Rise above it, that doesn't mean letting them get away with it. Remember what makes them tick, emotional exchange, you giving the narcissist supply (emotional energy) so by you investing mind power, thoughts and energy in seeking revenge your feeling them.... and why do you want to do that? IGNORE them, by cutting of thoughts and emotions from them. They have already taken too much so do not give any more.

Forget the revenge. Your revenge is success. Your revenge is to be happy and, and like not let this take you down. Because it’s just a day. It’s just a year. It’s just 10 years of your life. And if you hold on to this, you’re going to ruin the next 10 years of your life feeling sorry for yourself and letting them win. Don’t be afraid to have other relationships. Just don’t do it right away. Give yourself the time to understand it. Give yourself the time to understand why you were a victim. Why you were susceptible to someone coming in and controlling your life like that. We didn’t do anything wrong and yet we blame ourselves. So, the revenge on a narcissist, don’t do it. No.

Revenge is your success. Revenge is your recovery. Go ahead and get recovered. That’s all you have to worry about. If you look into your own heart, you’ll see the person that you love right in there. And that person deserves to be free from all of this madness. Just do what you can and forgive yourself. I’m not saying forgive them. No. forget them! Forgive yourself for being in that relationship. Because there were good parts about it and it was okay until it wasn’t. So, if you’re going to take revenge on a narcissist, go ahead. Be happy.

Your thoughts: have you ever sought revenge on your narcissist? Did you ever go through with it? Did it work? If not, how can you live a more meaningful life that for fills you?

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