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My fascination with gemstones started at an early age. It was the presence of diamonds or anything like that it was the deep purple sparkly amethyst. My family (like always) thought I was strange for collecting stones and crystals, but I was so captivated by their sparkling beauty. Read on, on how I now use crystal to cultivate my happiness and cure my aliments.

Why we respond to crystals.

As humans, we intuitively accept that we have and feel energy at times. Why our energy is 'high' then we feel good, when our energy is 'low' we feel under the weather. We aim to eat healthily, get up early to exercise generate creative idea for business and personal projects, cross the dots and dot the i's. But when our energy flags or waivers we feel low until we renew , recharge or reboot. But what exactly are we getting when we use the word 'recharge'? After all, we are not electric gadgets that come with charging cables and power cords ... or are we?

Crystals hold something called piezoelectricity, which is is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress.Probably the best-known use of piezoelectric crystals is in the electric cigarette lighter. Here, pressing the button causes a spring-loaded hammer to hit a piezoelectric crystal, the high voltage produced by this ignites the gas as the current jumps over a small spark gap. This technique also applies to some gas lighters used on gas grills or stoves.

There's probably another reason why we resonate with crystal and gemstone energy: research over a number of years suggests that our bodies are filled with oscillating solid liquid crystals. The highly ordered and neatly organised structures resemble those of mineral crystals and many other crystals found in the earth.

So why are crystals so healing? How they helped me.

Alternative practitioners believe in treating the entire patient in hopes of addressing the full range of physical, emotional, mental health and wellbeing. They do so by manipulating the subtle energy of the human body. The energy is described as subtle because it can't be measured by equipment that we currently have. By manipulating this energy it can be directed to healing the parts of your body that need it most.

For me, crystals are the one thing that has really brought me through tough times and when my energy has been low due to over exhausting myself. In my work with individuals a lot of my energy does gets zapped and so using crystals to replace my energy has been a healing experience. Also healing from emotional abuse has taught me the calming and centring effects of crystals. It has helped me to stay grounded when experiencing high levels of anxiety. I'm not saying that crystals on their own will heal anxiety or depression, but siting still and contemplating whilst holding the crystals, wearing crystal jewellery has given me extra entering when it has been needed. Its a little reminder that your energy is being pushed in the right direction.

We have so much happening in our lives that a little extra help is welcomed and goes a long way. I know it does my end.

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Do you use crystals? Have you ever used crystals for healing? Do you feel the energy?

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