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embrace healthy boundaries

What does that even mean? To embrace healthy boundaries. I know that I struggled with this concept for many years, until I realised!

This is why I have developed a digital email course to help you develop healthy and lasting boundaries. It is set out in the style of an email course because it stays current and present in your learning. This type of learning is called experiential learning and it helps to keep to present. 

In order to learn a new behaviour you have to stay present and memories information. This way your cognitive brain reinstates itself and use the new methods as current ones so in fact you program you mind to think differently, a way that benefits you. 

Develop healthy boundaries for less than the price of a coffee for 30 days!

why do you need to take this course?

This email course is for someone who has struggled establishing boundaries before.

Someone who has traits of people pleasing, over generosity, hard to say NO to certain people and/or situations. Someone who is over giving to everybody else but finds it hard to consider their own needs when it comes to self-care.

I guess we can find a lot of ourselves in these statements and definitions of what it entails to have boundaries and keep yourself mentally healthy. But what happens when these definitions are really taken out of context and the individual struggles to find a healthy medium? What if practising healthy boundaries has never been taught and your trying to find what having boundaries means?This is what this 30 day email course is really about understanding, learning and putting healthy boundaries in place to protect you but also to secure your mental wellbeing, so that you do not feel that you are being taken advantage of at any given time.  

now its your turn

Over the past year I have been helping people recover and educating about toxic and narcissistic presentations. Help to build inner resilience and understanding of how you CAN help yourself transform and combat such personality presentations in your daily life. This course is research and information that I have acquired through my work to help you. This email course is designed to be a resource and reference guide to help you to build healthy boundaries every time you need to. 


day 1: what is a personal boundary

day 2: the reality of living without a personal boundary

day 3: self awareness

day 4: understanding your needs

day 5: self acceptance

day 6: self care

day 7: having courage  

day 8: Understanding the past

day 9: Conditioning

day 10: Inter-generational patterns

day 11: Insight/ Understanding

day 12: setting your boundaries

day 13: strengthening your internal boundaries

day 14: guilt in setting boundaries

day 15: inner strength and how to build it

day 16: finding your purpose

day 17: 10 examples of healthy boundaries

day 18: boundaries in relationships

day 19: setting boundaries with children

day 20: know where to draw the line

day 21: have an exit plan

day 22: don’t justify, explain or overshare

day 23: name what is happening

day 24: return focus to yourself

day 25: realise that setting boundaries is not a one time event

day 26: have compassion fro yourself

day 27: focus on being the person that you want to be

day 28: keep perspective

day 29: believing in you 

day 30: take home message

The course gives you confidence to embrace and initiate health boundaries in all areas of your life. Giving you tools to live to your highest purpose, make an impact and earn your great relationships. 

You'll have lifetime access to the course, so you can return to the material anytime and learn at your own pace. Plus there will be new content added regularly so its always fresh.

The 30- day module offers a unique combination of psychological understanding and practical tools that get you into action and create massive transformation. 

Join an amazing community of like-minded individuals, start a discussion, get peer support. Connect via private Facebook page - this powerful, tight knit network will support you for years.  

The course is delivered straight to your inbox so you can access it 24 hours and anywhere, anytime experiencing the intimacy and energy of the content. This is great as a source of information or as a quick reference guide. 

There are worksheets you can fill out to make the learning more meaningful and provide you with powerful experiential learning. The course is also offered as an audio recording which you can listen to at anytime.  

The course at a glance

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