How To get Closure From A Toxic Relationship 


Understanding why you never got closure is one of the hardest concepts to grasp but the most liberating. 

Right now ....

You feel a little lost and a lot frustrated 

You can't shake that feeling that something is missing.

You feel like you just need to know or understand what happened.


And no matter how things might seem now, you can't help but feeling that if you knew where you stood you'd be able to move forward out of this uncomfortable feeling of nothingness. This feeling of who'll have, should have, could have... If only! 




  • Get clarity on the situation and what will happen next.

  • Know what you are dealing with.

  • Understand the 'why' it has happened and that you are not alone in this. 

  • Know that you will move forward with these steps.

how to get closure from a toxic relationship 

a beautiful ebook - meets - workbook designed to uncover how you can get past this block and to bring to life lasting change through understanding.

The reason why you did not get closure ...

There is a lot of misconceptions why and what closure is, some think that it is finally when you let go and move forward, whilst others want to understand what has happened so that they can put the past to peace.


Closure means finality; a letting go of what once was. Finding closure implies a complete acceptance of what has happened and an honouring of the transition away from what's finished to something new. In other words, closure describes the ability to go beyond imposed limitations in order to find different possibilities.

Closure is something that you will not get from the ending of a narcissistic relationship. Which is why I have written this book to help you understand what closure is and why you don't get it, I have also put together some practical solutions for you to help you move forward. 

When you understand what closure means it will help you to move forward and gain clarity, helping you to navigate to make new healthier relationships and friendships. 

What's inside:

Part One:

+ Helps you to understand what closure is and what is means. Having this information will help you to identify what key facts are important in the understanding. Relationship closure is the most crucial factor in being able to get over a breakup easily.

+ You'll cover the psychological aspects on how closure is helpful in moving forward.

Part Two: 

+ You'll bring everything together to uncover what and why narcissistic individuals do not give closure in a relationship. Why these indicators if the disorder predispose to send you in self-blame, self-sabotage and guilt type behaviours. 

+You'll also learn about beliefs that hold people back from moving forward -  knowing these will help you to become unstuck. 

Part Three:

+ Practical solutions on how to get past these blocks and uncover your purpose. What does it mean to be truly authentic and happy. 

+ Meditation and cutting cord exercise to help you remove these psychological blocks. This will enable you to make meaningful connections with people and learn to recognise toxic people straight away. 

You’ll get the How To Get Closure From A Toxic Relationship eBook as an instant download. You can fill out the exercises directly in the eBook on your laptop, or if pen and paper is more your thing.

Option 2

Why not combine the ebook with an email consultation with myself. You will get the ebook plus a email consultation course from Anoushka. This includes three email replies to your question.

You can submit up to 350 words per session and I include some helpful suggestions for getting the most out of your email consultation  If you want to submit more, you need to make a block booking. My replies are thorough, detailed and cut right to the heart of the issues. 

An email session is £65 (approx US$82/EUR72) and the ebook £4.99. Combined price of £67(approx US$85 / EUR75). Prices exclude VAT for those based in the E.U.

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