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Despite our best intentions, sometimes our inner critic gets the better of us and derails our ability to think clearly.

It might be distant voices from the past or someone that didn't love us the way that we needed at that time. 

My consultations will help you to understand WHY and help you put everything into perspective and gain a greater understanding. 

No matter how many things we have going for us, when we experience setbacks or we feel as if we have big decisions we need to make, we can be inclined to forget who we are and we become convinced that we're messing up, or we get sucked into being and doing stuff that isn't reflective of who we are in the main.


We, more often than not, have a sense of what it is that we need to do, what's good and right for us, but sometimes struggle to tune out the noise and see the wood instead of the trees.


That's where I can be of help.


I have a deep understanding of human behaviour, the dynamics in relationships, and can basically cut right through the fluff and noise so that you can see what's going on and also see your way to next steps.


can help you untwist what might feel like a very chaotic and painful story that's weighing you down and that you might be losing sleep, dignity, money or even your health over. I can help you have big breakthroughs and transformations.

My gift for seeing people and situations in deep detail and clarity has caused many people to jokingly ask if I live inside their head or am hiding outside their home, or to wonder how I can know so much about a situation I wasn't a part of or a person I haven't met. I've been told again and again by clients that I can often do in 1-2 sessions what they have been unable to achieve in months or even years of therapy, counselling or trying to figure it out themselves.

This means that I can save you time, energy, emotion and money, allowing you to take what I share with you and use it as a springboard for further work or to focus on taking next steps.

There is something that so many of us find so difficult to admit, that we find self acre and advice about loving ourselves very difficult to put into practise.

do you ...…


Sometimes wish you’d had a different experience growing up so that you’d know what to do in the life situations where you feel lost, confused, foolish or even ashamed?

Struggle with listening to yourself, discerning healthy relationships from unhealthy ones, or with knowing if you’re on the right path?

Try out something in an attempt to practice self-care and then feel disillusioned if you still feel the same or problems don’t go away?

Know what you need to do in certain situations but then bail out of fear that having boundaries, voicing your needs or being more of who you really are, will cause problems or abandonment?

Feel stuck in the same frustrating patterns and cycles of disappointment?

Worry about how to handle situations that you believe have the potential for conflict and criticism?

It is important that we get a sence of our blocks and fear that are holding us back, sometimes we may not even have an awareness of this. This is where working in a one to one session can help weed out these old non-serving beliefs anymore.

what is included? 

This is a solution based one to one program with Anoushka. 

In the work with Anoushka she will teach you the exact methods to use to drop your defenses, surrender outcomes and strengthen your faith in your own abilities. By the time you finish, you’ll know that the Universe always supports you and that you are able to move past old ways of conditioning to remove negative beliefs that you once held about yourself. 

Using Anoushka's research, psychological knowledge base and spiritual elements to encompass and cement your healing. This will propel you from a place of negativity into using your own power going forward in your life. 

Working one to one with Anoushka will:

Learn to overcome feelings of overwhelm and tap into your natural state of joy

Release fear and uncertainty, and trust you’re being guided

Practice the psychological & spiritual techniques I use to reduce anxiety and welcome clarity. 

These miraculous transformations are the natural result of releasing the blocks that have held you back and kept you trapped in one way of thinking. 

Included in the work are weekly worksheets and ebooks to cover the subject matter and drive the learning to a more consious space. You have the power to make a change in your life and live a life that you have always wanted to. This is all in your grasp, but if no one tells or shows you these techniques how will you know? 

Intake for the programe happens six times a year and there is a limited amount of spaces available. This is because Anoushka can only work with a ceratin amount of clients at a time during the course. 


Monday 2nd September 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

Monday 13th January 2020

Monday 2nd March 2020

Monday 4th May 2020

Monday 6th July 2020

Please fill int he contact form below, stating the dates that you are interested in. 

There are two levels of engagement within this practise:


Level one is three one to one sessions with Anoushka, this is for individuals who need minial guidance and are able to work well with weekly engagement with self-study worksheets. The sessions are specifically tailored to your individual purpose and work.

Level two are five one to one sessions with Anoushka, these are for individuals who would like to work on a longer basis with Anoushka using her knowledge and expertise in the area. Anoushka will tailor and specific package for you that will help you achieve the understanding and practises that are required in your healing. 

Is something keeping you awake at night as you run through what happened, any supposed missteps, what was said and not said etc., and maybe you're feeling as if you've talked it to death, that you should be over it by now, or that no one gets it?

Are you bright, successful (even if you don't always recognise this), attractive (even if you have your moments of doubt and comparison!), got friends, family, interests and aspirations, but experiencing resistance, disappointment and other setbacks with your romantic life that are causing self-doubt and fear about your future?

Do you pride yourself on being a good person--kind, generous, loving, good listener, willing to make sacrifices, empathetic--and want to remain this way, but are feeling bruised by a recent experience or a number of setbacks that are leaving you confused about how to proceed and whether you're 'worthy enough' (you are).


If you have decided to take your recovery seriously and would like to enquire or book your one to one work with Anoushka please fill in your deatils below 








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