This means that I can save you time, energy, emotion and money, allowing you to take what I share with you and use it as a springboard for further work or to focus on taking next steps.

When you’re going through a really difficult situation or have become used to being and doing things in a certain way, it’s hard to get a sense of what you need to do because you’re too close to it.


Sometimes the way that you’re seeing the problem is the problem, so understanding subconscious beliefs, hidden motivations, and also getting clear on what is really going on, can be the transformative boost that you need to make a decision and evolve out of the experience. Sometimes is about knowing what the next step can be in terms of a difficult situation or challenging break up.  



 We, more often than not, have a sense of what it is that we need to do, what's good and right for us, but sometimes struggle to tune out the noise and see the wood instead of the trees.


That's where I can be of help.


I have an understanding of human behaviour, the dynamics in relationships, to help look through this situation with a fresh perspective using my knowledge and experience. 


I can help you untwist what might feel like a very chaotic and painful story that's weighing you down and that you might be losing sleep, dignity, money or even your health over. I can help you have big breakthroughs and transformations.


Before offering session I will also ask you to fill out an INTAKE FORM which gives me some more information and insight into your situation, this also helps because you won't be needing to repeat information or having to go into lengthy explanations. Please b aware that I will require you to fill this form in before you have any session with Anoushka (this excludes the Discovery Call option, you will no the required to fill this form in). Please download the INTAKE FORM here.

PLEASE NOTE: I work on a sliding scale which means that I will take your finanacial circumstances into consideration and work out a plan that will make the sessions a little more comfortable.


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